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January 26, 2013
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Lilly Character Profile by kasurahikari Lilly Character Profile by kasurahikari
A good Reference and Profile for my lovely girl Lilly ^^ I took the most time getting this done along with other things so I hope you all like it and the coloring work I've been practicing with


Name: Lilly

Species: Bovine

Height: 6'1

Weight: 234 lb

Age: 21

Chest Size: Very hard to say

Skills: Well she doesn't have much to offer in ways of skill but she does give by peoples opinions, one of the warmest and marshmallowy hugs in all of Odez and the world. Lilly also has a good quality of cleaning and tidying up taking cleaning jobs on occasion since it gives her a warm feeling inside. Also she has a body function that has a different reaction to various milks, namely the thee main milks of Normal White, Chocolate, and her absolute favorite Strawberry. Because of these intense reactions Lilly tends to only consume a very small amount of milk so it doesn't effect her body so much since Milk for her acts almost as an aphrodisiac, what can she say... she loves it..

Personality: Lilly has a very affectionate attitude tending to engage to anyone she knows or meets so she is very easy to befriend. Going out of her way to listen and help others around to the best of her ability... which isn't too great as she can be somewhat clutsy and ditsy on occasion, though she isn't uneducated at all she just forgets sometimes. Also she tends to giggle a lot when she speaks, maybe a side effect of her cheery and happy mood.

Favorite Color: Red since it's a very bright color and has a lot of feeling to it, plus it makes her feel warm inside when thinking about it.

Origin: Coming from a huge family heir owning many milk productions all over Odez Lilly grew up in the warm home of her Father, Mother and older Sister. Rich farmland occupies most if not all of Odez which thrives benefiting from their various resources, but the most common would be milk production.

Bio: Lilly par-takes in many affiliations, from a simple taste tester at her Mother and Fathers Odez Milk company, to a fair cleaning girl, Lilly has lived nearly comfortably most of her life. But as she came to age she began to develop along the lines of her Mother, Lilliana, growing into a mature looking woman, but as she past her teens her body began having odd reactions to milk, normally her breasts would just swell immensely and overflow her wears, but then it was found out chocolate and strawberry compounds had an interesting effect of buttock and Belly swelling. Odez officials were baffled but took this is a way of testing out fresh and richer recipes of Odez's milk productivity. Over time Lilly grew to understand her unique features and lived with such changes, even so much as taking pleasure from time to time. Lilly soon moved out from her parents home to form a life of her own as her older sister had gone off years earlier to college. After a bit of preparation and arrangements from her parents Lilly was set in a dream home of a sunny side hill house Lilly called her "Happy Hut", though for the most part it was way bigger then what Lilly ever thought of having for herself. As a result Lilly had much to do to keep the home tidy and comfy to live in for herself, which in turn gave her the idea to go out of her way to engage in cleaning services the simple wishy washy way. Over time she would come to welcome friends to her home, more on the lines of roommates whom she met as she lived out on her own. Creating a home for all of them from her roomy hut and for the most part a second family she could love and care for.

Special Moves: Not much of a fighter, she still supports her compatriots with hugs and cheers of comfort
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Harrystylesisallmine Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Student Artist
She is adorable.
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Awww ^w^ thank you I'm glad you think so 
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Well I love fat people.
kasurahikari Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
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Harrystylesisallmine Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Student Artist
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kasurahikari Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
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